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The following real estate notes are all secured by vacant lots and are all first liens with no underlying liens. All notes are fuly owned by AB Land Company.






This note is secured by a 0.3 acre lot in Fresno. The lot has 2 frontages and has no restictions. Watter and electricity are available.

Details on the note:

Sale date: February 26,2018

Sales price: $49,000

Down payment: $2,000

Amount financed: $47,000

Interest rate: 8.5%

Terms: 96 months

First payment due: February 15, 2018

Monthly payment: $676.43

# of payments received: 2

# of payments remaining: 94

Balance of the note: $46,286.44

Next payment due: April 15, 2018

Price: $37,000



















































































Phone: 1-877-218-0362

In Houston: 832-900-1551

Email: sales@ablandcompany.com

Physical address: 5821 SW FWY, suite 288,Houston,TX, 77057

Mailing address: P.O. Box 571933,Houston,TX, 77257